5-Day Recurring Revenue Challenge by Millo

5-Day Recurring Revenue Challenge

Scale your freelance business by building irresistible monthly packages your clients will say "yes" to.
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Launches on January 18th, 2021

What's included?

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Day 1: Why You Need Recurring Revenue
Welcome to the 5-day Recurring Revenue Challenge!
Day 1 Preparation & What to Expect
Day 1 Live Group Coaching Call
Day 1 Worksheet (PDF)
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Day 1 Homework
Day 2: Identifying Clients Who Will Pay Monthly Rates
Day 2 Preparation & What to Expect
Day 2 Live Group Coaching Call
Day 2 Worksheet (PDF)
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Day 2 Homework
Day 3: Building an Irresistible Product Offering
Day 3 Preparation & What to Expect
Day 3 Live Group Coaching Call
Day 3 Worksheet (PDF)
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Day 3 Homework
Day 4: Pitching Your Productized Service to Clients
Day 4 Preparation & What to Expect
Day 4 Live Group Coaching Call
Day 4 Worksheet (PDF)
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Day 4 Homework
Day 5: Scaling Your Outreach & Skyrocketing Your Revenue
Day 5 Preparation & What to Expect
Day 5 Live Group Coaching Call
Day 5 Worksheet (PDF)
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Day 5 Homework
Wrapping Up & Future Success
Where to go from here...
Bonus Content
Converting One-Time Clients into Recurring Revenue with Chelsea Baldwin.mp3
3 mins
From project-based work to $8,500/mo recurring revenue with Jake Jorgovan
How to Get Retainer Clients with David Tendrich
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Hosted by

Clay Mosley — Entrepreneur and agency builder who grew from freelancer to 20+ employees and $1MM+ in revenue.

Preston Lee — University instructor, entrepreneur and coach who's been helping freelancers learn how to scale and succeed for over a decade. 

What People Are Saying...

Preston & Clay give such great insights ... always so much to learn from them! Honest, candid conversations about the ups and downs of freelancing and growing a business at any stage. 
Alex Weaver
Preston and Clay are great at getting to the core of different issues ... and teasing out the detail to provide solutions. Cannot recommend highly enough!
Caroline Sheahan
Preston had a really great balance of friendliness and professionalism. He is passionate about helping people in their businesses and it shows. 
James O'Reilly
Preston and Clay have great chemistry and their sometimes opposing opinions make for a good balance! I’ve enjoyed being able to learn from others who are a few steps ahead of me in their respective careers.
Will Gibbons

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